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PJW Lawyers encourages parties to reach an agreement through mediation and is very proactive in the Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) forums.


The concept of finalising separation amicably can create non-conflictual future family arrangements and parenting, benefiting not only the parties themselves, but minimising the risk to children’s mental health issues in their future. This is why we advocate primarily for mediation and dispute resolution before needing to proceed to a court process or trial.

In the majority of cases you are unable to file proceedings in the Court until you have attended Dispute Resolution. PJW Lawyers can issue the required Certificates necessary for filing in your Court proceedings. PJW Lawyers have accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who are able to issue s.60I certificates as required by the Court prior to filing.


When many hear the words divorce or separation, it immediately brings to mind thoughts of fighting, arguing, financial disputes, custody battles and the list goes on.


At PJW Lawyers we believe during such a difficult time in your life, that reaching an agreement through mediation is often the better alternative. Being able to finalise a separation amicably can bring about many benefits including:

  • improving your relationship with the other party

  • the ability to reach an agreement about co-parenting issues

  • more chances of the agreement being managed and carried through long term

  • it reduces the impact on your children, therefore minimising the risk of short-term and long-term mental health issues.

  • it is more affordable and less stressful than a court process or trial

  • learn more ways to communicate effectively with the other party to reduce the chances of future conflicts


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Q. What happens when Mediation and Dispute Resolution are not possible?

While we encourage Mediation and Dispute Resolution, we understand it is not always possible or beneficial. In fact there are some instances where it would not be considered as an option.


When the other party is unreasonable in their requests and demands of our clients, PJW Lawyers takes no backward steps in ensuring our clients get what they are entitled to and ensure their legal rights are protected in every way.  The family law system can be rife with domestic violence, coercive control and parents who simply do not have the best interests of their children at heart. These matters call for strong and decisive representation, tough advocacy and experience in the Family Law Courts, which PJW Lawyers provides and is well recognised for.

If you find yourself in a situation where Mediation and Dispute Resolution are not an option, or even if you are unsure, please contact us and we can assess your personal circumstances and advise on the best approach.

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