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We are trusted, approachable, and efficient Solicitors who are experienced in various areas of law.

Our Lawyers appear regularly in the Family Law Courts, Supreme Court, District Court and Local Court and individually each have almost 20 years’ experience in their relevant jurisdictions.

The majority of our work is word-of-mouth referrals from not only previous clients who are exceptionally happy with outcomes we achieved for them and our overall assistance, but also referrals from parties on the other side of matters, who have come up against our team, observed our work, and have recommended us to their friends and family, often let down by their own representatives.


Our reputation is important to us and our reputation in the community is one of dedicated representation with ethical advice.




Paula Wallin is our principal family law Solicitor, who is approachable and dedicated to her family law matters. She has almost 20 years’ experience in family law specifically having been mentored by a family law firm highly regarded in the Wollongong area.

Paula is recognised as a member of the Family Law Council of Australia and has recently completed studies to become an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Her experience in custody disputes is highly regarded amongst fellow Lawyers and she is highly experienced in property settlements, both in litigation and mediation, as well as divorce matters.

EDUCATION: Bachelor Law (UWS); Bachelor of Heath Science (Behavioural science) (UWS); Diploma in Legal Practice; Diploma in FDRP

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Toni has a comprehensive interest in criminal law and is a strong advocate for justice, fiercely protecting the rights of her clients.  She has continually achieved exceptional results for her clients including having clients’ charges dismissed on several occasions in the Local Court in Picton and Campbelltown. 


Toni has an Advanced Diploma in Arts (Criminology); A Bachelor of Laws; Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice;); Master of Arts; Graduate Certificate in Psychology and; Graduate Certificate in Business Management; and Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (UNE). 

Her dedication to studies and continuing education is a skill used in her criminal law practice, ensuring her knowledge of the most up-to-date cases and legislative changes can benefit her clients to the fullest extent. 


Toni’s Criminology and psychology degrees have provided her with exceptional skills in understanding forensic criminology and its associated science, impacts of mental health issues in crime, she is able to navigate clients through the complex legal issues involved in their cases to ensure the best results.  

She completed her Practical Legal Training at The College of Law and was admitted to both the NSW Supreme Court and High Court of Australia. 

With Toni’s vast knowledge of criminology, psychology and her practical skill set, Toni is a strong and successful criminal law litigator who achieves the best results for her clients. 

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Jenni is our dedicated Office Manager and experienced Paralegal.

Jenni brings with her a wealth of experience, ranging from specialising in debt recovery and collections for the Australian Tax Office for over 16 years to owning and operating Wizard Home Loans in Campbelltown and Picton.

She applies her skills and experience to the meticulous management of the firm and provides whole-hearted support both to our team of Solicitors and our clients. She plays an integral role in our client-Solicitor relationships as the first point of contact with our firm. 

Jenni is also an authorised Justice of the Peace and provides JP services for clients and the public.

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