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Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day      15th June 2018 Wills, Power of Attorney & Guardianship documents, registering caveats on properties with granny flats and recovering funds taken by misrepresentation / fraud.  PJW Lawyers have assisted elder citizens with their legal needs for many years. Elder Abuse can take many forms and may involve physical,…

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What to do when I separate with a property settlement

Have you recently separated from your spouse and wonder what do I do now in relation to my property separation or property settlement? Do I need to have a Lawyer? Here are some frequently asked questions that separated spouses ask when they first decide to leave their partners: Who gets what property? The Family Law…

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Changes to Gift Card Expiry Dates

Have you been given a Gift Card for Christmas with a 6 or even 3 month expiry date?? Isn’t it frustrating when you finally get around to using it, that you realise it’s no longer valid! New changes have just been introduced into the Fair Trading Act legislation to now provide that Gift Cards have…

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Our Services

At PJW Lawyers, we can help you with many areas of Law and Litigation. FAMILY LAW: If you are separating or divorcing, and need advice on the fair division of your assets; or if you want to know your rights as a parent in ensuring the best interests of your children are considered, our Family…

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